Apologetics Media

Lecture 1 audio: Introduction & Scope part 1 Introduction & Scope part 2

Lecture 2 audio: Dating the Earth

Lecture 3 audio: Induction/Deduction intro & Case studies

Lecture 4 audio: Truth_Functional Statements part 1

Lecture 5 audio: The Nature of Science and Knowledge

Lecture 6 audio: Not available--see lecture materials

Lecture 7 audio: Logical Fallacies

Lecture 8 audio: Logical Fallacies--Recap & Addendum

Lecture 9 audio: Student arguments for selected topics

Lecture 10 audio: Not available

Lecture 11 audio: Approaching Archaeological findings/The "God Question"

Lecture 12 audio: The "God Question" answered via the cosmological kalam argument

Lecture 13 audio: Kalam argument wrap up; Astronomy

Lecture 14 audio: Astronomy Demo

Lecture 15 audio: Astronomy wrap up; Apologetics in Evangelism

Lecture 16 audio: Bibliology--discussion on validity of Scripture

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